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Thomas Röthel - Drehung, 2017


Thomas Röthel - Drehung, 2017
Steel on stone plinth
65 x 19 x 34,5 cm

In his sculptures, Thomas Röthel examines the contrasting qualities of lightness and heaviness: under the artistic intervention of Röthel, the heavy steel is transformed into a delicate and fragile-looking work of art; its apparent lightness makes the weight of the material almost forgotten.

Röthel's seemingly playful, yet precise and well-thought-out examination of the challenging material steel produces a differentiated formal language in his various series of works. In the "Drehungen" (rotations) massive steel plates are first precisely cut with a specific technique and then rotated several times around their own axis. In this way, the characteristic intertwined central part of the steel sculpture is created. The raw steel plate remains visible at the top and the bottom of the artwork, whereby the viewer can comprehend the formation process.