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Sabine Hertig - Landscape Nr. 4, 2011-2012 - Artwork of the week


Sabine Hertig - Landscape Nr. 4, 2011-2012
acrylic, mixed media and collage on canvas
210 x 560 cm, eight piece

The Collage reinvisioned

The work of Sabine Hertig visualizes simultaneously multiple points of views. A moment of multiperspectivity that corresponds to the everyday life of the modern human being, who oftentimes has to do several tasks at once. Movement is a central part of her collages: The Observer immerses into her large-scale Artwork by moving around, away and towards it. One gets drawn directly into its wave like structures. The artist expands the idea of the classical genre of the collage through elements of multimedia. Through integrated LED-screens and speakers the piece becomes performative and intervenes invasivley in it's surrounding. 

 "The Observer of the large-scale Collage-Panneaux, dives into three different image spaces, depending on the spacial distance to the artwork. They seem to correspond to a fore- middle- and background: The observer himself moves from a picture puzzle into a Magic-Eye-3D picture and finally into a tamed chaotic busy picture." (= „Wer sich vor die teils grossflächigen Klebemalerei-Panneaux stellt, taucht denn auch, mit zunehmendem Abstand, in drei unterschiedliche Bildräume ein, die sich alsbald zum impliziten Vorder-, Mittel- und Hintergrund spiegeln: Wir bewegen uns von einem Vexier- in ein Magic-Eye-3D-Bild und schliesslich in ein abstrakt gezähmtes Wimmelbild voller Anmutungen von heroischen Strudel- oder Höhlenlandschaften.)
Dr. Hansmartin Siegrist, Medienwissenschaftler Universität Basel

The artist unites varying artistic media in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish them from each other. She compositions the images and photographies of our society's contemporary collective memory and unites them on a limited canvas. Simultanuously she challenges the the concept of painting, by stating that "every material" is a blotch of color; Photography as an idle, video as a moving spot of paint. In her own words: "I can use everything equally for my paintings".