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Rudolf Urech-Seon - Composition W, 1941


Rudolf Urech-Seon - Composition W, 1941
Oil on canvas
85 x 100 cm

In the 1940s, the artistic development of abstraction in Rudolf Urech-Seon's paintings reached a peak. Purely abstract compositions with geometric and curved shapes in bright colours are increasingly being created. Urech-Seon's late work is characterized by a greatly reduced repertoire of colours and a repetitively used formal language.

Composition W from 1941 is one of these abstract paintings. The central, oval-shaped main motif occupies the entire image space and bumps into the edge of the image on all sides. The background is divided into two areas and the colours brown and blue are reminiscent of the classic landscape division into earth and sky. Although the artist does not bring any perspective into the picture, he achieves a certain depth and plasticity through the careful selection of colours and the arrangement of the fields to a uniform constellation.

Urech-Seon's path to abstraction was heavily criticized in his home circles. Only when the artist joined the Allianz (Association of Modern Artists in Switzerland) in 1947 did his work gain recognition. As a result, he could show his works in the three Allianz exhibitions at the Kunstverein St. Gallen (1947), the Kunsthaus Zürich (1947) and the Helmhaus Zürich (1954), as well as in 1948 and 1950 as part of the Salon des Realités Nouvelles in Paris.