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Rudolf Häsler - Bar in Haarlem. New York, 1987


Rudolf Häsler - Bar in Haarlem. New York, 1987
Acrylic on wood
68 x 102 cm

The acrylic painting «Bar in Haarlem. New York» was created in 1987 during Häsler's urban forays in the American metropolis. The dense photorealistic work represents a pulsating, consumer-driven world in which posters, labels and advertising spaces publicise all sorts of products.
The dominant red colour is particularly striking: The brick wall, the lacquered entrance door and the canopy tarp are all presented in the exactly same red hue. Despite this, Häsler is still able to distinguish between those different materials and their characteristic surface textures, through a subtle and precise use of lights and shades. His skilful handling of light can also be perceived in the neon letters and the subtle reflections of the glass window.
The technical virtuosity of this painting, its poetic viewpoint and its latent social critique, makes it one of Rudolf Häsler's most iconic works.

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