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Richard Long - ohne Titel (River Avon Mud Drawings Serie), 1989


Richard Long »Ohne Titel«, 1989, Inv.-Nr.1-1199

Richard Long - no title (River Avon Mud Drawings series), 1989
mixed media on Paper
43 x 32 cm for each

These three drawings are part of Richard Longs River Avon Mud Drawings series. For these works the artist dipped a structured piece of paper into the wet mud of the river avon, a south england River that flows through his hometown Bristol. 
Long himself describes these works as drawings that reflect the appearance of the riverbed during low tide: a mud covered surface with a tree like pattern, that was imprinted by the forces of the tide. Long hangs the papers up to dry and finally turns them 180° degrees. This way the vertically flowing traces of mud are now thinning down on top. 

Even though the River Avon Mud Drawings are made with the same sequence of procedures, they are different in their details: The mudflow follows the path of least resistance down on the paper, just like the river itselfs erodes it's path through the landscape downhill.

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Richard Long »Ohne Titel«, 1989, Inv.-Nr.1-1199
Richard Long »Ohne Titel«, 1989, Inv.-Nr.1-1199