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Clara Porges

Berlin, 1879 — 1963

From 1896-1900 Clara Porges (*17.9.1879 Berlin – 17.5.1963 Sameden) went to Berlin’s Art Academy and the Fehr Academy, also in Berlin, where she graduated as a painter. Study trips led her to Italy, Vienna and, on the trail of Nietzsche, to the Engadine.
Clara Porges’ artistic oeuvre has been shown from 1912 until the early 1950s in several exhibitions in London, Vienna, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, Freiburg in Breisgau, Stuttgart, Bern and Zürich. However, her oeuvre was about to fall into oblivion. The artist began to gain acknowledgment only in 1985, when her artworks were included to the exhibition «Das Oberengadin», as a member of artists that artistically engaged with the high valley of the Engadine.


Exhibitions (selection)

2017 Clara Porges. Die Malerin des Lichts, Fundaziun Capauliana, Chur
2013 Die Malfrau. Clara Porges - eine Retrospektive, bromer kunst, Roggwil

Literature (selection)

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  • Sergio Michels: Clara Porges – Die Malerin des Lichts. 2. Band, Comano: Michels Design Art Editions, 2015