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Ignaz Epper - Akt, n.d.


Ignaz EpperAkt, n.d.
Chalk on paper
40 x 57 cm

In this drawing Epper traces and forms a female nude in a strong and expressive, yet very controlled way. The curved, clear and at the same time searching lines describe a reclining female body, whose curves illustrate an energetic state of ambivalence between tension and relaxation. The chest raised high, the head bent back into the neck, the right arm and right leg tensed - in contrast, the left arm and especially the left leg rest on the bed in complete relaxation, almost lifeless.
The unusual perspective and expressionist drawing style of this nude is reminiscent of paper works by Egon Schiele, although Epper does not deform the body as much as his Austrian contemporary. He also gives the figure an environment and indicates the space with hasty, intuitive hatchings, whereas Schiele usually lets the nude float in an open space.

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