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Giovanni Giacometti - Narziss, 1920


Giovanni Giacometti - Narziss, ca. 1920
Oil on canvas
93.5 x 50 cm

Giovanni Ulrico Giacometti (* 7.3.1868 Stampa - 25.6.1933 Glion) was a swiss painter and the father of both Alberto and Diego Giacometti. Together with Cuno Amiet he was one of the first swiss artists that adapted and further explored impressionism, post-impressionism and fauvism with novelty aspects of modernism. 
Narziss is a painting of a young man playing the flute. He is depicted standing on a small path that leads from the background to the foreground. The young man is surrounded by flowers and bushes that vibrate in blue, green, rose and yellow. His very straight posture and lowered eyes the scene becomes  mysterious and dreamy, as if narziss had arisen from that natural ambiance. Giacometti created a vibrating play of light and shadow. The scene seems illuminated as if the sunlight had been filtered through the green foliage of the trees and had casted dancing light spots on the figure. 


Giovanni Giacometti »Narziss«, ca. 1920, Inv.-Nr.1-2790