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Edition Bromer

bromer kunst is committed to the realisation of artistic projects and to work with undiscovered artist estates, but the gallery also accompanies contemporary artists with their work. Pursuing this motivation, bromer kunst has already edited various artist-monographs. Among others, the publication of an artist-monograph about Clara Porges (1879-1963) and the contribution to launch a monograph about Rudolf Urech-Seon (1876 - 1959), one of the first abstract Swiss painters. Edition bromer has been initiated in 2017 with the intention to continue pursuing similar publishing projects. 

About the project
About the project

The reprintnig of the book «Kuba – Freiheit oder Terror: Ein Maler erlebt die Revolution» written by Swiss artist Rudolf Häsler (1927 – 1999) was the first launch realized by Edition Bromer. In June 2017 Edition Bromer released a 476-page artist-monograph about Häsler «Rudolf Häsler - Ein Weltbürger».

Further book projects are planned in future.