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Dirk Salz - #2254, 2017


Dirk Salz - #2254, 2017
Pigment and resin on Multiplex
48 x 48 x 12 cm

Surface and reflexion are two main topics that reoccur in the works of Dirk Salz, as well as in his elegant and minimalistic piece titled #2254. By mixing pigments with different resin and applying them in multiple layers onto his chosen carrier he achieves a variety of surface textures. Some are more opaque, or as in this piece,  transparent and glossy. The smooth surface of his artwork show the diffused reflections of the surrounding room. In this way the work of Dirk Salz articulates the ambiguity between the immanence of it`s materiality and it`s spacial presence. Through different lightning, movement and changing distance the observer is experiencing the work in different ways, by accessing it`s visual complexity.