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The documentary about Rudolf Häsler (1927-1999) entitled «Coca-Castro» portrays the artist's eventful life and his nonpareil artistic oeuvre. Realized by bromer kunst and directed by Christian Herren and Daniel Bleuer. 

About the project
About the project

The documentary is a résumé of bromer kunst's investigations on Rudolf Häsler that lasted for the last two years. The voice of the Bernese actor Marcus Signer («Der Goali bin ig») describes the historical background of the Cuban Revolution, using Rudolf Häsler’s own texts. Furthermore, prominent personalities contextualize Häsler’s life: The photographer Luc Chessex, Häsler’s family members, his artist-colleague Alfredo Sosabravo and other contemporary witnesses from northern Africa, Cuba and Barcelona give an account of his vita.

– Nora Devenish, "«Coca-Castro» feiert Premiere" in Jungfrau Zeitung (November 2016)

Der Hauptsaal von bromer kunst wurde eigens für die Premiere zum Kinosaal umfunktioniert.

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VI-step-directions: How to shoot a documentary film in Cuba

About artist
Rudolf Häsler
Interlaken, 1927 — 1999

Rudolf Häsler (*29.7.1927 Interlaken - 18.1.1999 Sant Cugat del Vallès) was born in Interlaken and can be considered as one of the most autonomous Swiss artists of the 20th century. As part of the Cuban Revolutionary Government the painter was appointed national director of arts and crafts. After Che Guevara he held the second highest position as a foreigner within the Cuban government. Towards the end of the 60s the painting, design and graphic artist withdrew from Cuba. Together with his family he left for Spain, from where he travelled around the world. In the 70s, Häsler developed a meticulous realism, which can be adscribed to the hyperrealistic genre of painting. His nonpareil artistic oeuvre allows parallels to be made to Franz Gertsch, Ralph Goings or Antonio López Garcia.