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bromer kunst

bromer kunst is a Swiss art gallery founded by René Brogli in November 2011 and headquartered in the central Roggwil, in the canton of Bern. The Bromer Art Collection is René Brogli’s private collection, which is part of the gallery. 

The focus of their program is on one side classical modernism, with names such as Cuno Amiet, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner or Ferdinand Hodler, and on the other side contemporary art, with works by artists such as Thomas Röthel, Dirk Salz or Rudolf Häsler.

bromer kunst has established itself in the international art market as a strong position, able to research, advise and mediate in the purchase and selling of masterworks from the secondary market. The gallery maintains a close relationship with collectors and institutions and thus has access to important works of art, collections and estates. In this context, bromer kunst offers the art-historical reappraisal and management of whole artist estates. In addition, bromer kunst also provides support in the development, preservation and dissolution of art collections.

Furthermore, bromer kunst is actively committed to art education and raising the awareness and support of visual arts through its active website and its publishing branch Edition Bromer, dedicated to artist monographs and exhibition catalogues.

Blick in den Lichthof von bromer kunst

Grosser Ausstellungssaal

Sicht auf die Galerie von der Gartenseite aus

Das Areal von bromer kunst aus der Vogelperspektive

Gartenanlage von bromer kunst

bromer art collection

The Bromer Art Collection is René Brogli’s private collection, which is incorporated to bromer kunst. René Brogli is initiator and manager of bromer kunst. 
As a carpenter René Brogli started to build frameworks for local artists, in this ambit at the age of 23 he got in contact with art for the first time. Particularly encountering the landscape painter Arnold Ammann (Seon, 1920-1991) was leading and enriching for René Brogli. In that period he started to buy the first artworks for his private collection.
Gradually he gathered a collection of Swiss landscape and mountain paintings focusing on the 19th and 20th century. Amongst others he acquired major artworks by Cuno Amiet, Ernest Bièler and Charles L’Eplattenier. 
In the past 10 years Brogli’s area of interest broadened and the collection experienced a Renaissance. Increasingly contemporary artistic positions are added to the collection, for instance artworks by the German enfant terrible Jonathan Meese and by Land Art artist Richard Long. Today, René Brogli is also a passionate collector of the Swiss artist Sabine Hertig, who upgraded the notion of collage in her own manner.
René Brogli is particularly committed to pursuing long-term projects, for instance, the elaboration of an extensive monograph about the first abstract Swiss painter, Rudolf Urech-Seon. Brogli: «Urech went his own path; he found an abstract mode of expression, even though he never quit his environment of stylistic conservative-minded people. Therefore he merits my highest esteem.»
To René Brogli it is essential to combine the activity of collecting with constant investigations. He is always looking for new discoveries and is eager to realize creative projects. Based on the researches about the Swiss artist Rudolf Häsler, Brogli gained increased interest in Cuban art. On a journey to Cuba, his new passion led him to the pre-revolutionary painter Antonio Argudín, whose still broadly unknown art represent an important testimony of Cuban history.
bromer kunst keeps displaying artworks of René Brogli’s private collection in various exhibitions.

Ferdinand Hodler, «Giulia Leonardi», 1910-11 (gerahmte Ansicht)

Cuno Amiet, «Bildnis Emilie Amiet-Baer», 1894 (gerahmte Ansicht)

Max Liebermann, «Rast auf der Parkbank», 1923


René Brogli
Owner and initiator

Rita Brogli
Owner and administrative director

Pier Stuker

Evelyn Bangerter
Art-historical assistant

Milena von Schulthess
Gallery assistant


Swiss and international art is continuously presented in thematic and artist specific exhibitions in the spacious facility of bromer kunst. The glass-pavilion serves since July 2018 as the exhibition space while the main building offers office space for the gallery as well as the SAM Group Holding AG. The building complex has an air-conditioned warehouse and a versatile multimedia room with 50 seats as well as a day cafeteria. The climatic and lighting conditions of the rooms follow the conservation requirements for the optimal preservation of works of art. The exhibition rooms were flooded with light by means of UV-light absorbing special glazing without damaging the exhibits.

Below you can have a look at the facilities. Our archive with showroom, warehouse and office, as well as our exhibition rooms can be visited by appointment.