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Swiss painter and illustrator Ernest Biéler (* 31.7.1863 - 25.6.1948 Lausanne) moved to Paris at the age of 17, where he completed his studies at the Académie Julian and at the Académie Suisse. He financed his education by illustrating novels by contemporary authors such as Émile Zola. In 1889 Biéler settled in Savièse above Sion. There, together with other resident artists, he founded the "School of Savièse", a group of artists who portrayed the landscapes of the Valais region and its inhabitants in a decorative and linear style. In 1900 at the World Fair in Paris, Biéler was awarded a silver medal. In 1903 he co-founded the Société des traditions valaisannes, which campaigned for the preservation of cultural traditions in Valais. Initially influenced by Impressionism, Biéler later turned to Art Nouveau and received numerous public commissions for frescoes, stained glass and mosaics, including the Bundeshaus in Bern.